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Here are the results for best satellite TV providers. Dish and DirecTV are the best satellite TV services. Each offers an array of live television channels, sports and programming on demand. Both are available everywhere in the country, including remote and rural areas where cable TV and fiber companies have not come in. The following comparisons provide an overview of the similarities and differences between the most popular plans from both TV service providers. You can also click the following links for in-depth comparisons of Satellite TV  and Dish Network TV. DISH TV service DISH offers some packages for sports, movies and favourite TV shows. The capacity of the Hopper, its digital video recorder, is twice that of the DIRECTV’s Genie. Also, the Hopper is packed with innovative features such as voice control via remote control, 4K video support, remote control locator and Bluetooth integration for speakers or headphones. Pricing on DISH is a great value, and they have no extra fees. DISH also offers double the amount of on demand titles, integrated into universal search together with live TV, your DVR recordings and Netflix. And also, with dishanywhere.com, you can see any content you want, provided you have an Internet connection. Here’s a Dish review. DIRECTV TV Service NFL SUNDAY TICKET may, perhaps, be the best reason to go with DIRECTV over DISH. For diehard fans, this exclusive package is a dealmaker as football is consistently the most watched television show. Using the split screen mode of the Genie DVR, monitoring your stats is possible. You can also rewind and pause live TV. Even if you are not a sports fan, DirecTV has a broad range of packages for all budgets similar to DISH. With DIRECTV’s application, streaming and watching on demand programming is possible so long you have an internet connection. Here’s a DirecTV review. DIRECTV satellite TV vs. DISH Comparison - Who has the best DVR? Digital video recorders (DVR) both act as a receiver and record television programs. You can pause, rewind or even skip live TV ahead with them. When you compare DIRECTV Genie with the DISH Hopper, you will find that they have much in common: the ability to record multiple programs at the same time, a significant amount of storage space, the capacity to record individual programs and whole series, 4K resolution capacities, and others. So, what makes them different? DISH Hopper Hopper has the capacity to record up to six programs at a time. You can connect up to three Joeys as there are three satellite tuners for every Hopper. You can pause and pick up where you left off on a recorded program or even join a show being watched in another room. Hopper has a 2TB (terabytes) of storage space, equivalent to 2,000 hours of standard definition (SD) or 500 hours of high definition (HD). Part of the space is reserved for DISH Unplugged and PrimeTime Anytime features (allowing for recalling of prime time shows, even if the recording wasn’t scheduled). It is worth mentioning that DIRECTV’s Genie and DISH’s Hopper 3 offer live streaming, picture-in-picture options, separate apps, the ability to rewind and pause live TV, voice search, offline downloading, and parental controls. Finding the remote is simple; just press the button on the front of the Hopper receiver and the remote control will light up, making sounds to help you find it. It’s a universal remote control and can be programmed to control up to three other devices. Genie from DIRECTV Genie is a powerful HD DVR from DIRECTV that can record up to five different programs at the same time, which means that a recording device can satisfy the diverse interests different family members have. Genie can record all TV shows automatically, and you can browse and schedule recordings up to two weeks in advance. Genie offers noteworthy recording capacity with 1TB of 500 hours of SD and 200 hours of HD storage. Genie’s technology allows for viewing in many different rooms, without the need for a decoder in each room. Perhaps Genie’s most convenient feature is the ability to connect to the main HD DVR in other rooms through a small device called Genie Mini. This unit allows you to pause, record, or delete in any room, and you can watch live or recorded TV shows in up to four rooms, beginning the show in one room and continuing in another. Want to watch two different games of football or your favourite TV series, and follow the latest news? You can watch shows side by side on your main TV with Genie’s picture-in-picture feature.
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