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Best Video Game Consoles

Best Consoles For Video Gamers PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still the favourite gifts for children and adults. Consumer Technology Association says that video game consoles are the best gifts to give this season. Here’s a video game console review. "Many families are still making the transition to the latest generation of consoles, and it looks like Black Friday and the shopping period surrounding it will be used to do that," said Shawn Dubravac, Ph.D., a senior director of research and chief economist at CTA. This year could be the best time for entering the next generation of game consoles as Star Wars Battlefront and Halo 5: Guardians and others can be found in stores this year. Senior director of market research at CTA, Steve Koenig says "We had packages for years on in video games, but these are highly stylised. This holiday season, I think Star Wars will have a big hook around gaming." Let’s break down the benefits. PLAYSTATION 4 Developer: Sony Price: Starts at $299 Four reasons to get a PS4: - Super controller. The DualShock 4 controller in PS4 is unarguably the best. It has the ideal size, provides quick access to essential functions and includes a speaker to incorporate important environmental sound effects or other effects. - Easy to share. By clicking the PS4’s share button controller, players can quickly spread and distribute their digital adventures on other social networks, and account setup is easy. - A bright future. The first line of the game looks a little thin, but those from 2016 and beyond are amazing including the much-anticipated The Last Guardian. Players will finally use PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Vue is likely to continue to increase in the domestic market. - Early access. If the gamer is into games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, owners of PS4 will have quick access to the expansion initiated during the year. Sony’s deal for Destiny: The Taken King, is also a similar content. XBOX ONE Developer: Microsoft Price: Starts at $299 Four Reasons to Buy Xbox One: - Backwards compatibility. Yes! Stick to Xbox 360 library. Many of these games work on the Xbox One and are available through digital download or getting the disc into the console. New customers will have immediate access to their older games while building their Xbox One library. - Wide variety of applications. Xbox One has the advantage of having a wider selection of apps and accessories making the console the closest we have to replace the cable as it gets over-the-air HD TV signals. - Strong starting line. The library as a whole is strong among third-party games, such as Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront, but their first-party games, which includes Halo 5: Awesome Guardians,  are also impressive. - Elite upgrades. For gamers who have $499 to splurge, there’s an Elite package includes a hybrid 1TB hard drive - which should improve performance - and the Elite controller with removable sleeves and steering pads. WII U Developer: Nintendo Price: Starts at $249 Four Reasons to Buy a Wii U: - Lower prices. The Nintendo console is among the best price for consumers looking to stay on a budget. The resultant drawbacks include a lesser horsepower than Xbox One and PS4 with some missing features. - Family-friendly game selection. Beating allies like Mario is hard. The Wii U boasts an array of excellent family titles that include Mario Tennis: Ultra smash, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World and the consoles best family fares including Super Mario 3D. - The virtual console. With the Virtual Console feature boasting several old- school games including the original Super Mario Bros, any consumer can return to the early days of Nintendo Entertainment System. Most games cost from $5 to $10. - Access to the Wii library. All the games on Nintendo's lucrative Wii era are available on Wii U, too. Also, all Wii controllers run on Wii U. An important note about the Wii U when considering it: Nintendo is currently working on its successor and has said it would reveal details about the Nintendo NX console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
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Best Game Consoles