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Roku Streaming Stick 2016 Best streaming media device for the money This 2016 stick demonstrates that the best devices are available in small and inexpensive packages. With quick access to the unparalleled collection of apps in Roku and the simplest interface around, it's the streamer the majority of people need. Roku Premiere + Best for streaming 4K and HDR There is still not much streaming content in 4K, much less in HDR. Still, Premiere +  can get almost everything. If you’ve got a 4K HDR TV and want it paired with the high-quality streaming, then go for this. Apple TV (2015) Best Streaming Device for Apple Users If you've already invested in TV shows, movies and music from iTunes, plus games on the iPhone or iPad, this updated Apple TV is worth it. A best-in- class remote and Siri voice commands seal the deal. Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Best budget Streamer with voice Need to talk to your TV and have it reply you? The latest conduit for Alexa from Amazon has so many app access, more speed than its predecessor (and less expensive too) and plenty of vocal tricks. Roku express + Best Streamer for Old TVs If the TV does not have HDMI inputs, you do not have much to choose from regarding streaming devices. The best choice is Express+, offering Roku’s superior app ecosystem, free cable and is easy to use. Google Chromecast (2015) The best value for customers focused on the phone If you are able to watch it on your phone, tablet or computer, perhaps, the inexpensive Chromecast can put it on your TV set. The disadvantage? There is no separate remote control, so you will have to use your phone or tablet or a computer. Amazon Fire TV (2015) Amazon’s Best Streamer with Ethernet If you enjoy games, or your Wi-Fi isn’t so great, or you simply need a cheap 4k streamer, this box is for you. It’s okay, but Fire TV devices push Amazon’s stuff quite hard. Roku Express The best content option for a good price This $30 Express offers the best selection of Roku’s apps, search and interface for the lowest prices. Unlexx you are short of money, it pays to invest $20 more to get the Roku Streaming stick which is faster. Nvidia Shield Android TV The best for gamers and technology geeks This niche product, though expensive, has gained mass geek credibility due to its high-quality gaming chops, the capacity to stream 4K with HDR, and especially for its proficiency with Kodi and Plex and other file-friendly apps. Here's CBS's input on the most popular streaming TV services: How 10 popular streaming TV services compare DirecTV Now is the latest online TV service to offer an alternative to cable or satellite packages that can easily cost about $100 a month. Typical cable packages get you hundreds of channels, including the major networks, sports channels, niche options like the horror-focused Chiller, and premium channels like HBO. Online services, individually, are cheaper, but you may need several to get everything you like to watch. DirecTV Now joins Sling, PlayStation Vue and others in a growing array of options that can be cheaper than traditional cable, but not always by much. They’re not as complete, as they don’t provide broadcast networks ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in all locations and sometimes lack a DVR. And you’ll need an additional streaming gadget to watch on a TV set. Here’s a sampling of how some of the biggest internet TV options compare: CBS All Access Price: $6 a month, or $10 for a version without ads for most on-demand shows.  Now you'll be able to stream NFL games with CBS All Access Live offering: The CBS feed is available in about 150 markets, and includes NFL football games that air on CBS starting on Dec. 4. On demand: CBS All Access offers day-after access to shows (note that this is available to anyone, for free, on computers and phones). Current and past seasons for many shows, although some, like the hit “The Big Bang Theory” and “Criminal Minds,” only have the most recent episodes available. A few originals, including “Star Trek: Discovery,” which debuts in January. Restrictions: Limited to two streams at a time. From cbsnews.com That pretty much wraps it up for streaming TV. It's popular, and gaining ground, but even though it's more expensive, I still prefer satellite TV.
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