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Best 4K UHD TVs

Know it or not, the wave of the future when it comes to television is 4K resolution. And though the current standard in picture quality is yet to saturate the market, future-proofing your living room now won’t hurt. But TV’s of the future sure aren’t cheap, especially if you want the best. For now, you will have to invest a little more money if you want cinema picture quality in the comfort of your home until Ultra-HD resolution becomes the new standard, Without further ado, these are our picks for the best 4K / UHD TVs you can buy today. LG OLED65E6P Although they do not have precisely the same design as their "signature" G6 series, LG’s E6 is the same regarding image quality, which makes its thin design and webOS 3.0 platform feel like icing on the cake. At $ 5,999, it's still not a cheap option, but it's simply one of the best TVs we've ever tried, surpassed only by a smarter bigger brother. Samsung Un65KS9800 The KS9800 makes one bold statement, “you don’t need your home theatre!” This TV is so wonderfully bright and colourful (without loss of detail or clipping, the key point) and can fight against any ambient light presenting rich picture details in any surroundings. If you want to see the difference between SDRs and HDRs, this TV is your pick. LG OLED55B6P At $ 2,500 for 55 inches and $ 4,000 for 65-inch B6 series LG is not going to fly off of Wal-Mart's shelves, but it's still way more than any affordable OLED before. If you've been longing for a flat, inexpensive and OLED that skilfully avoids the problems the preceding technologies had a few years ago, the LG B6 series is the same. Vizio RS65-B2 This reference series, being the market’s first "Dolby Vizion" certified TV, represents a different viewing experience, though expensive, it still beats me why we had to make do with the standard dynamic range all this while. Its brightness, intense colour, look, and feel are unlike anything I have seen before. You sure get a personal viewing experience! Samsung UN55KS8000 Samsung KS8000 is an excellent choice if you are looking for brilliant, colourful HDR performance and do not mind giving up on the benefits of full- array local dimming. Although from time to time the bright backlight creates shadow tone aberrations, it’s a star performer dressed in an elegant silver suit and polished to high gloss. And now companies are finally beginning to sell UHD movies. I mean what's the point of having a UHD TV if you can't get UHD movies? Totes Official: Google Play Selling UHD Movies, Over 125 Titles to Choose From uhd Back in mid-November, UHD titles on Google Play began rolling out, but at last, Google has made the move official. Back when titles were slowing hitting Google Play, we could only find a handful of films offered in UHD, but now, Google states there are more than 125 titles to choose from. Now, while no one can argue against higher resolution, the price for some of these movies is pretty crazy. For example, you can grab Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood’s latest, Sully, for $29.99. Same goes for Suicide Squad. Other titles, like Everest, are a tad cheaper at $24.99 for the UHD option. From droid-life.com Hopefully they'll start selling more titles than just the few they have now, and sell them at a cheaper price.
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Best UHD TVs

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