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Privacy Policy

All of the information contained within the website are the ideas and opinions of the specific author. We do link out to other websites. These websites have different terms and conditions which you will have to comply to. Some of our links are affiliate links. If you buy something through these affiliate links, we might receive a nominal fee. Privacy Policy We are dedicated to keeping your personal information private and secure. Your use of our website indicates that you agree to our collection of information and uses of information which will be described. We receive information from two sources: the information you provide through registration to get our emails, and tracking information that is provided automatically when you move through the site. Tracking Information “Cookies” are a supported feature by most internet browsers that stores a little piece of information on your computer related to your use of our website. These cookies show us the parts of our website that are more helpful and where we need to make improvements. Your cookies settings can be changed by checking your browser settings. How We Use Your Personal Information: We do not share any personal information with third parties unless you give us consent or it is a part of the services we are providing for you. We do use your information for verification purposes, to review qualifications, and to inquire about activities you started through the website. We will also share your personal information when we must do so in order to comply with the law or a legal process against us, and in cases where sharing information becomes necessary for protection of the safety of the user. Security We have security measures to prevent possible casualty our exploitation of your personal information. However, we cannot assure you or third parties that these measures will be completely successful in preventing any casualties or exploitation of information. Our website may contain interactive forms. Keep in mind that the information you provide in these forms may become public information, so be aware when using these forms. Third Party Websites Our site contains links that connect to third party websites. When you click these links, we will not be responsible for the content or different privacy practices of those sites. Make sure you review and understand the privacy policies of all third party websites. Contact Us If you have questions regarding the privacy policy or anything else on our website, please contact us. Updates and Changes We retain the right to update and make changes to this privacy policy without prior notification. All updates and changes will be immediately effective upon posting. You need to read and agree to all of the terms herein contained in this privacy policy.